I know she is coming
I know she will look
And that is the longing
And this is the book.

("The Book of Longing")

Leonard Cohen's new book of poetry, Book of Longing, has been published in Canada in April 2006 by McClelland & Stewart, and in the United States by Ecco (HarperCollins) in May 2006. UK & Commonwealth edition was published by Viking Penguin in October 2006. Canadian trade paperback is out from April 2007, US paperback from May 2007, and UK paperback, in smaller format, from August 2007. Translation rights are held by McClelland & Stewart (link).

Book of Longing has so far been published in Norwegian (Tiden Norsk Ferlag), Spanish (Editorial Lumen / Random House Mondadori), Polish (Rebis), Romanian (Editura Polirom), Danish (Gyldendal), Italian (Strade Blu / Mondadori Random House), Hebrew (Kinneret), Québécois (Éditions de l'Hexagone), Croatian (V.B.Z.), Finnish (Sammakko), French (Le Cherche Midi), Greek (Ianos), German (Blumenbar), Portuguese (Quasi), Czech (Argo), Slovenian (Mis) and Taiwanese (Performing Art Review) editions. All translations and international editions of Book of Longing (18 so far) can be seen in Gallery of Books @ LeonardCohenFiles.com.

Latest News
SonyBMG has released Leonard Cohen's double CD & DVD Live in London, which contains Mr. Cohen's recitation of A Thousand Kisses Deep (slight variation of poem version from the Book of Longing), accompanied by Neil Larsen on keyboard. More @ www.speakingcohen.com; many video clips of the performance can be found at YouTube. (April 2009)

Book of Longing has been translated into Traditional Chinese, and published in Taiwan by Performing Art Review. Translators are Yu Chi-Sho, Hung-Hung, Zhong Yong-Feng, Chang Chao-Tang, Chang Shih-Lun and others. (March 2009)

Book of Longing has been published in Slovenia, translated by Matej Krajnc as Knjiga hrepenenja. It's published by Založba M.I.Š. (October 2008)

Book of Longing is now also available in German language. Translated by Carl Weissner, Karl Bruckmaier, Ann Cotten, Wolfgang Farkas, Jens Friebe, Thomas Palzer, Sabine Reichel, Nicolai von Schweder-Schreiner and Wolf Wondratschek under the title Buch der Sehnsüchte, it's published by Blumenbar. (October 2008).

Portugese edition of Book of Longing is out, translated as Livro do Desejo by Vasco Gato and published by Quasi ediçoes (Do Impensavel) (July 2008).

Book of Longing has been published in the Czech language, translated as Kniha toužení by Miroslav Jindra. More on the website by its publisher, Nakladatelství Argo. (June 2008)

Bilingual Greek edition of Book of Longing has been sold out in only two months after its release, so the 2nd edition has been published, but only in the Greek language. In occasion of Philip Glass' performance of the Book of Longing song-cycle in Athens, and Leonard Cohen's concert in Athens, which both happened in July, Ianos has also published a brand new Greek edition of Stranger Music. Selected Poems and Songs, translated by Lina Nikolakopoulou in collaboration with Dafni Alexandri (link). (July 2008).

Le Livre du Désir, French edition of Book of Longing, is now published in France, in translation by Jacques Vassal and Jean Dominique Brierre. Publisher is Le Cherche Midi. (April 2008)

Book of Longing has been published in Greece, in the first world bilingual edition. Translated by Ioanna Abramidou, To Biblio tou Pothou has been published by Ianos. (March 2008)

Book of Longing has been published in Finnish translation by Ville-Juhani Sutinen, as Kaipauksen kirja, from Sammakko publishing house. (February 2008)

Philip Glass's label Orange Mountain Music has released double CD Book of Longing (A Song Cycle Based on the Poetry and Images by Leonard Cohen) in December 2007. More on philipglass.typepad.com and www.philipglass.com. CD is also available for iTunes download. The booklet contains all the lyrics abd has been designed by Michael Petit and Leonard Cohen (based on the Book of Longing's design).

Croatian edition of the Book of Longing is out from October 29, 2007. Translated as Knjiga čežnje by renowned poet Damir Šodan (1964), book has been published in softcover and hardcover by V.B.Z. publishing house.

Who is H.M. in the Book of Longing? More about late Montreal poet Henry Moscovitch, Leonard's friend, on our special pages.

From May 2007, Book of Longing is available in trade paperback from McClelland and Stewart (Amazon.ca, Chapters Indigo) and Ecco (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.fr).

Book of Longing continues - beside Philip Glass's musical work "Book of Longing", based on Mr. Cohen's book, many of BoL's drawings and artwork will be exhibited in "Drawn to Words", first exhibition of Leonard Cohen's drawings. Quite recently at The Leonard Cohen Files, Cohen has also published new drawing ("Asleep at Last") and a poem "If there were no paintings", his "Remarks for the exhibition catalogue".

Montréal's Éditions de l'Hexagone has published French-Québécois edition of Book of Longing, Livre du constant désir, in translation by Leonard Cohen's friend and renowned Québécois poet Michel Garneau. On publisher's site www.edhexagone.com there's a page dedicated to the book, front cover in hi-res jpg (la couverture), photo of the author (la photo de l'auteur), and press release in French (le communiqué). Here's also the article (in French) from La Presse, published on April 29, with photo of Cohen and Garneau.

Sefer Ha-Kmiha, Hebrew translation of Book of Longing, has been published in Israel. The book was translated by Kobi Meidan. Title poem and more information on this link in Hebrew.

Book of Longing has been published in Italian by Editore Mondadori (series Strade blu), translated by Livia Brambilla and Umberto Fiori as Il libro del desiderio. More on its publisher's site.

Book of Longing is now published in Denmark! Længslens bog has been translated by Steffen Brandt, Anders Dohn, Pia Tafdrup, Bo Green Jensen, Niels Skousen, Klaus Rifbjerg, Peter Laugesen, Jørgen Leth, Claus Bech and Naja Marie Aidt, and published by Gyldendal. On publisher's site you can read three poems in Dannish ("Mit liv i slåbrok", "His Master's Voice", "Roshi 89 år").

Coming this year: the premiere of Philip Glass's new concert work Book of Longing, based on Leonard Cohen's book of poetry. The two-hour long composition performed by a seven-piece instrumental ensemble and four singers, with Philip Glass on keyboards, which will include spoken poetry and imagery, will premiere at Luminato, the Toronto Festival of Arts & Creativity 2007, on June 1, 2007, and after that at the Spoleto Festival USA. More info on our special page dedicated to the Cohen-Glass collaboration.

Two new translations of Book of Longing have been published in Europe. Romanian translation comes from Editura Polirom under the title Cartea aleanului, translated by Serban Foarta and Cristina Cheveresan. Polish edition comes from Dom Wydawniczy Rebis, translated by Daniel Wyszogrodzki as Ksiêga têsknoty.

Spanish website El Cultural.es offers couple of Cohen's drawings and eleven Alberto Manzano's translations from El libro del anhelo. First page offers "Si supieras", "Preocupado esta manana", "Divertido", and "Miles", and the second page "El libro del anhelo", "Mi vida con hábito", "La voz de su amo", "Roshi a los 89", "Una de mis cartas", and "Tú también cantarías".

First foreign translations of Book of Longing have been published in Norway and Spain. Lengselens bok has been translated into Norwegian by Hanne Bramness and published by Tiden Norsk Ferlag. El libro del anhelo has been translated into Spanish by Alberto Manzano and published by Editorial Lumen / Random House Mondadori (www.editoriallumen.com).

Commonwealth edition of Book of Longing (for UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand) has been published on October 5th, from Viking Penguin. First review has been published in Telegraph on September 24. Read the article "Words by Leonard Cohen", written by Tom Payne, along with selection of 12 poems, and selection of quotes about Cohen.

"Songwriter Leonard Cohen Discusses Fame, Poetry and Getting Older" - on June 28 Leonard Cohen read few poems and talked to Jeffrey Brown in PBS's NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. The complete broadcast is available on The Website of the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer - free transcript, RealAudio and mp3 download.

On June 24, KCRW's New Ground aired Chris Douridas's conversation with Leonard Cohen and Anjani, in celebration of her new album Blue Alert. Listen to the interview on KCRW's site, and hear the world premiere of the two new Leonard Cohen's songs - two poems from Book of Longing, "Book of Longing" and "Puppets", are set to music.

Listen to KCRW's radio show Bookworm from June 22. Leonard Cohen talks about his early years as a poet in Montreal; his novel, Beautiful Losers; his songs; and now, ten years since his last book and fifty years since his first, the vicissitudes and recoveries that led to the art, lyrics and poems in his new Book of Longing.

Download Leonard Cohen's May 26, 2006 appearance in The Bob Edwards Show (XM Public Radio). "He's been a monk, a songwriter, and a poet. Now he treats us to a new book of poetry called Book of Longing and a new documentary Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man coming to theaters in June. Cohen also talks about his newest collaboration with his one-time backup singer and now lover, Anjani Thomas. The album is called Blue Alert. Then Bob talks with music reviewer and Rolling Stone contributing editor Anthony DeCurtis about Blue Alert."

Special feature: ecard for Book of Longing from Leonard's US publisher, Ecco.

Leonard Cohen was interviewed by Robin D. Schatz for Bloomberg Media. Read the interview on our site.

On May 22, Leonard Cohen talked about his new book and forthcoming album to Terry Gross on Fresh Air from WHYY. Listen to the interview on the National Public Radio site.

On May 20, Cohen attended the Washington DC Book Fair. His book signing was photographed by Norman Tarantino.

On May 15, Leonard Cohen discussed his new book and read a number of poems for Sounds Like Canada. Listen to the interview with Shelagh Rogers on the CBC Radio web-site.

On May 25, Book of Longing reached #1 of on the top 10 hardcover fiction books in Canada, as compiled by Maclean's magazine, being the first book of poetry ever to reach the top of the bestsellers' lists in Canada.

Book of Longing can be ordered from Chapters Indigo (Canada, and selected countries), Amazon Canada (McClelland and Stewart edition), Amazon and Barnes & Noble (Ecco/HarperCollins edition), and also from Amazon UK (Penguin edition), Amazon.de, and Amazon.fr. - Please note that the international Ecco edition is printed in rough front technique.

Book of Longing is Cohen's first book since the 1993's collection of Stranger Music: Selected Poems and Songs, and his first book of new material since 1984's Book of Mercy. In its 232 pages, the book includes 167 new poems and 43 drawings and colour art by Cohen himself, interspersed with dozens of sketches, emblems, line and computer drawings. (See Index of Titles / drawings, first lines.) Many of these have been presented in The Blackening Pages of The Leonard Cohen Files. Follow the link to read 43 poems and 40 drawings published there, including the early, 1998 version of the title poem "Book of Longing (Dear Reader)".

Leonard Cohen's first book, Let Us Compare Mythologies, was published in 1956. On June 27, 2006, McClelland & Stewart published the 50th anniversary reprint. While Canadian edition is the new one, Ecco's May 2007 reprint is the exact facsimile edition of 1956 McGill POetry Series' original, in hard cover and with original drawings inside.

Fifty years of Leonard Cohen's literature are celebrated in Cover Gallery - A Selection of Editions, 1956-2006. Follow the link to The Leonard Cohen Files to see more than 180 covers of Cohen's books from all around the world.

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