BlackRock, the world’s largest manager wants to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum

Company published job vacancy that suggests investment in digital currency

BlackRock, the world’s largest investment manager, with about $8 trillion in assets under management, is looking for a „Blockchain Lead“ in its investment division in New York.

The requirement in blockchain is required to evaluate cryptomaps, instead of blockchain technology, with the company stating:

„It should have 1 year of experience in: articulating the technological foundations of blockchain technology, including cryptographic hash functions, distributed network consensus mechanisms and public-private key cryptography; elaborating and articulating fundamental evaluation methodologies for cryptoactives; decentralizing governance models associated with blockchain technology; and working with the main drivers of blockchain network design and its impact on the four key dimensions of blockchain performance, including speed, scalability, privacy and security. Alternatively, BlackRock will accept a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in one of the above fields and 6 years of experience in the skills listed above“.

The company is looking for a person who knows the difference between Working Proof (PoW) and Participation Proof (PoS), as well as the difference between Ethereum’s PoS and Tezos‘.

As well as someone who can elaborate and articulate „fundamental evaluation methodologies for cryptoactives“, which means they know that there can be a relationship between price and transactions or exchange entry and exit fees.

In short, the investment giant is looking for an investment manager in crypto, suggesting that the world’s largest investment company is apparently ready to invest in digital currency.

BlackRock presents itself as a company that „invests on behalf of clients, from large institutions to parents and grandparents, doctors and teachers who entrust their savings to us.

Many of its smaller clients have diversified into crypto currency after numerous studies concluding that Bitcoin, in particular, increases the risk of adjusted return on investment portfolios.

BlackRock’s own CEO, Laurence Fink, recently suggested that Bitcoin can rival the dollar as a reserve currency, while also stating that there is significant interest in the digital currency.

The company considered investing in Bitcoin in 2018, but the timing does not appear to have been ideal due to the then bear market.

This year, Bitcoin is up, trading above $27,000 at the time of writing, a high that follows a trend of institutional investors and some companies diversifying investments and betting on Bitcoin and Ethereum.